Apple Compatible Backup Drives : USB 3.0 vs ThunderBolt

Mac Disk Drive
Perhaps the single-most important personal computer peripheral you can acquire for your Macintosh setup is an external data backup drive to shield your data, system and configurations in the event of a data loss or from a disk drive failure and disaster. For a lot of Macintosh individuals, a low-cost Apple compatible backup drive is the most effective insurance coverage you can buy to shield exactly what matters in your computer setup.

Using Apple's TimeMachine computer software now written into OSX Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Leopard, there's actually no logical reason not to have a full copy of your Mac's information to recover select data or your entire laptop setup if needed. A correctly formatted USB 3.0 or ThunderBolt interface external disk drive and a few mouse clicks is all it takes to initiate a total, recoverable OSX backup.

Selecting a hard disk for Mac information backup can be a bit complex. There's several kinds of information connectors that differ relying on your Apple Mac desktop or laptop computer model. The port that's most common on older Macs is USB 2.0 which has been present on Apple's computers for over a years. But the next generation of the Universal Serial Bus - USB 3.0 is where technology is currently. For many, you want a very affordable USB 3.0 external drive that's ready for the USB3 SuperSpeed age. Backward compatibility guarantees it will work on your USB 2.0 speed ports now and leverage the speed of USB3 on more modern systems.

For others wanting the utmost in performance - and are willing to pay a premium price, an external ThunderBolt SSD or HDD hard drive solution can cut even more time off your file copying, data transfer and TimeMachine backups.