Apple Compatible USB Speakers For MacBook

Better Sounding Computer SpeakerThough not quite as popular as wireless Bluetooth mobile speakers or wall-powered speaker systems, a number of small USB powered computer speakers for MacBook derive all the needed power from an available computer USB port on your Apple laptop. In fact, the best types deploy just a single USB cable that delivers both audio and power. They deliver clean digital stereo sound signal via a USB port making them appealing for buyers who do not want to deal with replacing batteries or recharging issues, or for who want an improved audio playback experience with a minimal amount of wires and tangle.

Some USB powered speaker systems, particularly one-piece styles are quite light weight and compact. That makes them ideal for MacBook laptop audio on the go. However, because a Mac's USB port doesn't deliver very much power, USB-powered portable speakers imply some tradeoffs. They tend to be intentionally small for easy portability and as such can't produce very deep bass frequencies. Often their frequency response range and quality is seldom anywhere near as impressive as those of a comparably priced AC or battery-powered PC or Apple desktop computer speaker systems. But they do produce up to 3 watts of audio volume via USB so they're impressively louder than any built-in MacBook speakers.

A 2.0 USB speaker system with (two channels but without subwoofer) usually are of compact, unified or separate left and right speakers. In separating the left and right channels, a 2.0 speaker provides much better stereo separation and ambient imaging than a monophonic or one-piece system that confines the left and right speaker audio to a single unit. Many 2.0 USB portable speaker systems lock together to occupy less space in your laptop travel bag. Other designs feature both speaker drivers in a slim, linear sound-bar style case for convenient portability.

Compare some of the MacBook Pro and Air friendly USB computer speaker systems recommended at They definitely offer higher volume levels and improved audio reproduction in highly portable form-factors. All while using USB computer speaker technology that is equally at home your desktop and yet ideal for traveling.