Apple USB 3.1 Type-C Peripherals Reach The Market - Quickly

New USB-C Port MacBook
Well, that certainly didn't take long! Within a month of Apple pre-announcing the new 2015 USB-C Apple MacBook with Retina Display with a single USB Type-C port, the nearly non-existent market for USB-C peripherals and cables took off in earnest recently.

On April 10th 2015 MacBooks became officially available for order. Apple themselves had announced a couple of USB-C adapters. First basic USB-C to USB-A Female adapter to hook up a legacy USB device when needed. For more functionality, Apple also announced two Multi-Port adapters, one VGA, the other HDMI video which also had a legacy USB-A socket and a pass-through USB-C port for charging as well.

Recently on Amazon a variety of 3rd-party USB-C cables and adapters started showing up in the listings. Here's just a few of note:

USB-C To USB 3.0 Female Dongle

Multi-Port USB-C to USB 3.0 - VGA Adapter

USB-C MacBook 4-Port Hub

These are just the first of what will be many competing products to what Apple is offering. As we saw in the USB Mac adapter market - and in the 30-Pin Dock and Lighting Connector marketplace - there will be no shortage of far more affordable 3rd-party knock-offs to compete with Apple's stiff retail pricing.

For many who simply purchase a new MacBook in-person at the Apple store or the Apple Store Online, they'll likely just pay whatever they have to for the almost essential USB-C adapter needed when they get home. But smart shoppers with forethought, might be able to save money by exploring some of these cheaper alternatives ahead of time.

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Apple Compatible USB 3.0 Accessories

USB3 Accessory For Apple MacBookArguably the introduction of USB3 ports on MacBook desktop and laptop systems was a crucial step to the future of SuperSpeed USB3 accessories for Macintosh. Featuring up to TEN times the potential speed bandwidth over decade old USB 2.0 technology, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 promises to provide increased performance for a large variety of home computer gizmos, peripherals and add-ons. It's backward compatibility with traditional USB 1.1 and 2.0 components insures it will likely be a reasonably untroubled shift to the high-speed USB 3.0 standard.

Apple computer initially added USB 3.0 speed ports on the MacBook Pro and Air, and the brand new Retina Display MacBook Pro products. Apple later modified it's iMac and Mac mini desktop computers to provide USB 3.0 compatibility. Most recently, the new cylindrical Mac Pro desktop finally received a critical revision which incorporates both USB 3 and ThunderBolt 2 interface enhancements.

A broader variety of various other sorts of USB 3.0 Mac computer peripherals other than just backup storage drives are finally starting to reach the market. We can anticipate additional technology products such as USB 3.0 printers and scanning devices, USB 3.0 computer TV tuners, web cameras, and SuperSpeed audio and digital video recording equipment to reach the market in the months ahead. It will benefit both Apple Macintosh and Windows PC owners as USB 3.0 adoption ripples throughout the computer technology landscape.

Aside from USB 3.0 cables, cards, and USB device sharing hubs, the external USB 3 backup drive marketplace for transportable and desktop computer data backup drives has already engaged in a rapid shift to the USB 3.0 interface. A wide variety of SuperSpeed data backup solutions are already on the market, and that includes USB 3.0 card readers and very fast US3 SSD flash memory based drives.