ThunderBolt3 Dock For New MacBooks : CalDigit TS3

Thunderbolt3 Docking Station From CalDigit
The CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 3 Lite can maximize the full potential of Thunderbolt3's 40Gbps data rates and allow you to add a variety of legacy and new computer peripherals to your new MacBook or any Thunderbolt 3 enabled PC.

It features two Thunderbolt3 Type-C ports to allow you to daisy-chain other Thunderbolt3 peripherals or displays. One each of a USB 3.1 Type A and a Type-C USB-C port are located on the front of the Thunderbolt 3 dock, the remaining ports are on the rear..

▪ 2-Thunderbolt3 Type-C Ports
▪ 2-5Gbps Type-A USB 3.1 Ports
▪ 10Gbps Type-C USB Interface
▪ DisplayPort Video Port
▪ 4 and 5K Monitor Support
▪ Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 Jack
▪ Analog Audio In & Out
▪ Includes A Thunderbolt3 Cable

Note: CalDigit's product description page is a bit confusing, implying the TS3 ThunderBolt Dock "Lite" version isn't for charging your MacBook like some multiport USB-C docking stations and hubs can. So, on new MacBooks with 2 or 4 USBC/Thunderbolt ports, you'd want to use one of the ports for your Apple power supply, then connect the Thunderbolt3 dock and all your other USB-C peripherals and ThunderBolt3 devices to another.

New ThunderBolt Drive Enclosure For Apple Mac DIY Drives

Been trying to find an affordable ThunderBolt drive enclosure for a DIY Mac Backup drive? After a serious shortage of options in the Apple peripherals market we now have a reasonable affordable ThunderBolt drive case for adding your preferred 2.5 inch SATA III hard disk or SSD drive of your choice.

G-Tech ThunderBolt Drive Case

Single Drive 2.5" SATA III Support

Currently retailing for around $99 - It's clearly nowhere's as cheap as USB 3.x enclosures are. Previously, the long-discontinued Seagate Plus ThunderBolt drive dock was once the only affordable option. So kudos to Hitachi's G-Technology division for delivering a ThunderBolt enclosure option. There are perhaps a dozen other ThunderBolt and ThunderBolt 2 cases on the market - but they're dual or quad RAID drive array enclosures for higher-end video, audio and enterprise markets - and priced accordingly.

Apple Compatible ThunderBolt Drives On The Cheap

Cheapest ThunderBolt Drives For MacArguably it's been a rather slow journey to the high speed future of ultra-fast Apple ThunderBolt drives and accessories. It's taken a few years after Intel and Apple introduced the ThunderBolt interface for consumers to find a reasonable variety of affordable Apple compatible ThunderBolt backup drives to choose from for protecting the data on our MacBook and Mac desktop computer systems. In the early days, many products were geared and priced for higher end professional markets and priced accordingly.

Three of the cheapest ThunderBolt HDD and SSD drives currently shipping for under $300 USD comprise the following drives:

1. 500GB ot 1Terabyte Buffalo miniStation ThunderBolt and USB 3 Combo Drives
2. LaCie Rugged Laptop USB3 and ThunderBolt Combo Drive
3. Seagate Backup+ ThunderBolt Portable Drive

For both Mac laptop and desktop users, this selection three of ThunderBolt backup drives presents the single most affordable method to leveraging the full benefit of Intel and Apple's high-speed ThunderBolt interfaces without breaking your budget. All of these Mac friendly ThunderBolt backup solutions can significantly minimize the time required to store and protect your Apple computer's data faster than ever before.

Apple Compatible ThunderBolt Computer Accessories

Personal computer market leaders Intel and Apple introduced a bleeding edge computing data interface named ThunderBolt about a year and then some back. It was slow to reach critical mass, but now we're seeing increasingly more Mac ThunderBolt accessories technology arriving on the consumer gadget scene. Capable of transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps on each of its two channels, it promises twice the transfer bandwidth of its closest competitor - the Five Gbps nascent "Super-Speed" USB 3.0 interface standard. And the 2nd-generation of the technology dubbed 'ThunderBolt 2' doubles data transfer rates to 20Gbps for unprecendented performance in high-demand computing environments.

Apple's ThunderBolt ports provide external access directly to your Mac computer's internal PCI bus. As such, it provides a very direct connectivity to a computer's memory and central processor. Its best to think of it as a conventional expansion slot that's been reduced to a small external port on the side or back of your Mac laptop or desktop system.

ThunderBolt technology originally debuted on Apple's MacBook laptop, the was later rolled out across all Macintosh computer models. On some, it appears as a solitary ThunderBolt interface where the DisplayPort video connection used to be. More recent Mac systems include two or more ThunderBolt or 2nd generation ThunderBolt 2 ports. It's important to note that ThunderBolt can also drive high-resolution external LCD displays along with other ThunderBolt drive adapters that can convert to other eSATA, USB 3, FireWire and Ethernet accessories. ThunderBolt is not exclusive to the Macintosh computing platform. Intel and other Windows PC manufacturers are now shipping systems with one or more ThunderBolt device interfaces built-in. That will help assure broad adoption across the entire personal computing landscape.

The biggest performance advantages will be in the data storage market. A ThunderBolt SSD or hard drive interface opens the prospect of unprecedented and insanely fast data transfer and backup speeds, especially when coupled with SSD flash memory technology. An entire DVD disc of data can be copied in less than 60 seconds, or an entire Terabyte backup drive worth of music, videos and pictures can occur in just a few minutes. We can expect other high-demand Thunderbolt devices for Mac such as HD video capture devices, HD web cameras and other bandwidth hungry gadgets to reach the market to take advantage of the speed benefits that Apple's ThunderBolt technology provides.