Apple USB 3.1 Type-C Peripherals Reach The Market - Quickly

New USB-C Port MacBook
Well, that certainly didn't take long! Within a month of Apple pre-announcing the new 2015 USB-C Apple MacBook with Retina Display with a single USB Type-C port, the nearly non-existent market for USB-C peripherals and cables took off in earnest recently.

On April 10th 2015 MacBooks became officially available for order. Apple themselves had announced a couple of USB-C adapters. First basic USB-C to USB-A Female adapter to hook up a legacy USB device when needed. For more functionality, Apple also announced two Multi-Port adapters, one VGA, the other HDMI video which also had a legacy USB-A socket and a pass-through USB-C port for charging as well.

Recently on Amazon a variety of 3rd-party USB-C cables and adapters started showing up in the listings. Here's just a few of note:

USB-C To USB 3.0 Female Dongle

Multi-Port USB-C to USB 3.0 - VGA Adapter

USB-C MacBook 4-Port Hub

These are just the first of what will be many competing products to what Apple is offering. As we saw in the USB Mac adapter market - and in the 30-Pin Dock and Lighting Connector marketplace - there will be no shortage of far more affordable 3rd-party knock-offs to compete with Apple's stiff retail pricing.

For many who simply purchase a new MacBook in-person at the Apple store or the Apple Store Online, they'll likely just pay whatever they have to for the almost essential USB-C adapter needed when they get home. But smart shoppers with forethought, might be able to save money by exploring some of these cheaper alternatives ahead of time.

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