Motion Graphic Rock Music Video - The Foshays - Adobe After Effects

Virtual Cartoon Band - The Foshays
Made on a Mac sums up the incredible prowess of Adobe After Effects running on MacOS to help musicians create high-quality 2D animated music videos without the hassle of shooting live video footage. An animated cartoon virtual band - The Foshays - released their debut music video 'Til It's Gone showing off the prowess of an iMac running AfterEffects.

You can check out The Foshay's band website at for updates as they prepare to release their 2nd motion graphics based music video. Follow them on Twitter and / or FaceBook to see regular postings of comic stills of the cartoon band's journey to stardom. The virtual rock bands comics are generated on an Apple iPad using a variety of popular iOS based drawing and sketching apps.

ThunderBolt3 Dock For New MacBooks : CalDigit TS3

Thunderbolt3 Docking Station From CalDigit
The CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 3 Lite can maximize the full potential of Thunderbolt3's 40Gbps data rates and allow you to add a variety of legacy and new computer peripherals to your new MacBook or any Thunderbolt 3 enabled PC.

It features two Thunderbolt3 Type-C ports to allow you to daisy-chain other Thunderbolt3 peripherals or displays. One each of a USB 3.1 Type A and a Type-C USB-C port are located on the front of the Thunderbolt 3 dock, the remaining ports are on the rear..

▪ 2-Thunderbolt3 Type-C Ports
▪ 2-5Gbps Type-A USB 3.1 Ports
▪ 10Gbps Type-C USB Interface
▪ DisplayPort Video Port
▪ 4 and 5K Monitor Support
▪ Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 Jack
▪ Analog Audio In & Out
▪ Includes A Thunderbolt3 Cable

Note: CalDigit's product description page is a bit confusing, implying the TS3 ThunderBolt Dock "Lite" version isn't for charging your MacBook like some multiport USB-C docking stations and hubs can. So, on new MacBooks with 2 or 4 USBC/Thunderbolt ports, you'd want to use one of the ports for your Apple power supply, then connect the Thunderbolt3 dock and all your other USB-C peripherals and ThunderBolt3 devices to another.

New ThunderBolt Drive Enclosure For Apple Mac DIY Drives

Been trying to find an affordable ThunderBolt drive enclosure for a DIY Mac Backup drive? After a serious shortage of options in the Apple peripherals market we now have a reasonable affordable ThunderBolt drive case for adding your preferred 2.5 inch SATA III hard disk or SSD drive of your choice.

G-Tech ThunderBolt Drive Case

Single Drive 2.5" SATA III Support

Currently retailing for around $99 - It's clearly nowhere's as cheap as USB 3.x enclosures are. Previously, the long-discontinued Seagate Plus ThunderBolt drive dock was once the only affordable option. So kudos to Hitachi's G-Technology division for delivering a ThunderBolt enclosure option. There are perhaps a dozen other ThunderBolt and ThunderBolt 2 cases on the market - but they're dual or quad RAID drive array enclosures for higher-end video, audio and enterprise markets - and priced accordingly.

Apple USB 3.1 Type-C Peripherals Reach The Market - Quickly

New USB-C Port MacBook
Well, that certainly didn't take long! Within a month of Apple pre-announcing the new 2015 USB-C Apple MacBook with Retina Display with a single USB Type-C port, the nearly non-existent market for USB-C peripherals and cables took off in earnest recently.

On April 10th 2015 MacBooks became officially available for order. Apple themselves had announced a couple of USB-C adapters. First basic USB-C to USB-A Female adapter to hook up a legacy USB device when needed. For more functionality, Apple also announced two Multi-Port adapters, one VGA, the other HDMI video which also had a legacy USB-A socket and a pass-through USB-C port for charging as well.

Recently on Amazon a variety of 3rd-party USB-C cables and adapters started showing up in the listings. Here's just a few of note:

USB-C To USB 3.0 Female Dongle

Multi-Port USB-C to USB 3.0 - VGA Adapter

USB-C MacBook 4-Port Hub

These are just the first of what will be many competing products to what Apple is offering. As we saw in the USB Mac adapter market - and in the 30-Pin Dock and Lighting Connector marketplace - there will be no shortage of far more affordable 3rd-party knock-offs to compete with Apple's stiff retail pricing.

For many who simply purchase a new MacBook in-person at the Apple store or the Apple Store Online, they'll likely just pay whatever they have to for the almost essential USB-C adapter needed when they get home. But smart shoppers with forethought, might be able to save money by exploring some of these cheaper alternatives ahead of time.

For a focused look at the emerging market for Apple compatible USB Type-C gizmos and gadgets, visit

Apple Compatible Backup Drives : USB 3.0 vs ThunderBolt

Mac Disk Drive
Perhaps the single-most important personal computer peripheral you can acquire for your Macintosh setup is an external data backup drive to shield your data, system and configurations in the event of a data loss or from a disk drive failure and disaster. For a lot of Macintosh individuals, a low-cost Apple compatible backup drive is the most effective insurance coverage you can buy to shield exactly what matters in your computer setup.

Using Apple's TimeMachine computer software now written into OSX Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Leopard, there's actually no logical reason not to have a full copy of your Mac's information to recover select data or your entire laptop setup if needed. A correctly formatted USB 3.0 or ThunderBolt interface external disk drive and a few mouse clicks is all it takes to initiate a total, recoverable OSX backup.

Selecting a hard disk for Mac information backup can be a bit complex. There's several kinds of information connectors that differ relying on your Apple Mac desktop or laptop computer model. The port that's most common on older Macs is USB 2.0 which has been present on Apple's computers for over a years. But the next generation of the Universal Serial Bus - USB 3.0 is where technology is currently. For many, you want a very affordable USB 3.0 external drive that's ready for the USB3 SuperSpeed age. Backward compatibility guarantees it will work on your USB 2.0 speed ports now and leverage the speed of USB3 on more modern systems.

For others wanting the utmost in performance - and are willing to pay a premium price, an external ThunderBolt SSD or HDD hard drive solution can cut even more time off your file copying, data transfer and TimeMachine backups.

AirPrint Compatible Printers For iOS and Mac OSX

Apple AirPrint Compatible Printers
Mobile device printing is experiencing an incredible surge in consumer demand. WiFi Wireless print function capabilities for the increasingly popular Apple iPad tablet is exploding thanks to the newest offerings of Wi-Fi AirPrint supported printers for iPad that are now shipping from HP, Brother, and Canon, Samsung as well as many others. While initially a under-baked feature, some recent updates to Apple's iOS handheld operating system have brought more powerful wire-free iOS printing capabilities for not just iPad, but iPhones and the iPod Touch model as well.

Review a wide selection of AirPrint Printers here:

AirPrint Compatible Printers: Most but not all printer models natively support AirPrint functions in their wireless printers for Mac OSX and Apple hand-held devices. But that's quickly changing as ever more models of newly introduced Epson, Brother and Canon and HP printers incorporate AirPrint printing support as standard equipment. Most All-In Ones now offer options for direct AirPrint printing from handheld devices. Non-wireless printers can still be used, but may require running a necessary printing app on your iOS device to 'print through' the app or up to a data 'Cloud' without needing to use an officially supported by the vendor. There are also some ingenious Mac OS X printer apps and work-arounds which can enable iOS device printing using what is called Bridging. These apps allow your Apple iOS device to bridge on thru to a MacBook laptop or desktop which is available on the LAN to any available shared printer that its configured to print for.

Given Apple users love of mobility and portability - It should be noted that Canon has just introduced the first AC and battery-powered portable printer with AirPrint wireless printing support (as well as USB) built in. That makes it a great option for those who need to print from a MacBook or Apple iOS device when traveling. Learn more about it here:

Apple Compatible HD Web Cameras For Skype

Skype Compatible Cameras For MacWith an ever growing market of Apple Macintosh users thanks to Apple Computer's exploding share of the market, thousands more Macintosh owners are experiencing internet voice and video chat in record numbers. Pondering the purchase of an external USB HD webcam Mac for Apple computer HD Skype online video conferencing meetings?

In spite of the fact many (but not all) models of Apple Mac computers and Apple Cinema displays feature a built-in iSight web camera, there are many situations where having an external webcam that's compatible with Skype offers additional versatility in the camera's positioning angles. That's something an internal iSight webcam simply can't provide.

Mac OS Skype HD web cams are required to be UVC compliant to be recognized by the low-level drivers built into Mac OSX. Apple already provides basic webcam drivers for automatic camera device recognition. The widely used USB Video Class - UVC set of specifications for web cams insures instant detection of a USB HD webcam on Mac OS for use with your favorite chat and videoconferencing apps. Quite a few but not necessarily all recent models of USB 2.0 HD web cameras are UVC compliant, but careful evaluation is needed before buying a high def web cam for one's portable or desktop Mac Skype conferencing setup.

Explore the many ways that an external Mac web cam might provide a better Skype for Mac videoconferencing experience. Check out for more information. There you'll learn about which video chat cams which are optimal for Apple FaceTime, Skype for Macintosh, Apple iChat, QuickTime and YouTube video capture, as well as ISPQ or CamFrog video conferencing programs.

Apple Compatible USB Speakers For MacBook

Better Sounding Computer SpeakerThough not quite as popular as wireless Bluetooth mobile speakers or wall-powered speaker systems, a number of small USB powered computer speakers for MacBook derive all the needed power from an available computer USB port on your Apple laptop. In fact, the best types deploy just a single USB cable that delivers both audio and power. They deliver clean digital stereo sound signal via a USB port making them appealing for buyers who do not want to deal with replacing batteries or recharging issues, or for who want an improved audio playback experience with a minimal amount of wires and tangle.

Some USB powered speaker systems, particularly one-piece styles are quite light weight and compact. That makes them ideal for MacBook laptop audio on the go. However, because a Mac's USB port doesn't deliver very much power, USB-powered portable speakers imply some tradeoffs. They tend to be intentionally small for easy portability and as such can't produce very deep bass frequencies. Often their frequency response range and quality is seldom anywhere near as impressive as those of a comparably priced AC or battery-powered PC or Apple desktop computer speaker systems. But they do produce up to 3 watts of audio volume via USB so they're impressively louder than any built-in MacBook speakers.

A 2.0 USB speaker system with (two channels but without subwoofer) usually are of compact, unified or separate left and right speakers. In separating the left and right channels, a 2.0 speaker provides much better stereo separation and ambient imaging than a monophonic or one-piece system that confines the left and right speaker audio to a single unit. Many 2.0 USB portable speaker systems lock together to occupy less space in your laptop travel bag. Other designs feature both speaker drivers in a slim, linear sound-bar style case for convenient portability.

Compare some of the MacBook Pro and Air friendly USB computer speaker systems recommended at They definitely offer higher volume levels and improved audio reproduction in highly portable form-factors. All while using USB computer speaker technology that is equally at home your desktop and yet ideal for traveling.

Apple Compatible ThunderBolt Drives On The Cheap

Cheapest ThunderBolt Drives For MacArguably it's been a rather slow journey to the high speed future of ultra-fast Apple ThunderBolt drives and accessories. It's taken a few years after Intel and Apple introduced the ThunderBolt interface for consumers to find a reasonable variety of affordable Apple compatible ThunderBolt backup drives to choose from for protecting the data on our MacBook and Mac desktop computer systems. In the early days, many products were geared and priced for higher end professional markets and priced accordingly.

Three of the cheapest ThunderBolt HDD and SSD drives currently shipping for under $300 USD comprise the following drives:

1. 500GB ot 1Terabyte Buffalo miniStation ThunderBolt and USB 3 Combo Drives
2. LaCie Rugged Laptop USB3 and ThunderBolt Combo Drive
3. Seagate Backup+ ThunderBolt Portable Drive

For both Mac laptop and desktop users, this selection three of ThunderBolt backup drives presents the single most affordable method to leveraging the full benefit of Intel and Apple's high-speed ThunderBolt interfaces without breaking your budget. All of these Mac friendly ThunderBolt backup solutions can significantly minimize the time required to store and protect your Apple computer's data faster than ever before.

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